chaldean cemetry

the chaldean cemetery in al-fanar district – ain saadeh

This important project started in the year 2002 and a great part of it was completed in 2007. The cemetery is built on a land area of ​​4,419 square meters and contains 66 family burials and 222 individual shrines, not to mention the Resurrection church. A salon to accept condolences was built in 2017 and is waiting today for the completion of its walls and furniture.

In addition to this, a parking lot and a house for the caretaker have been added to this project. The road leading to the project has been improved, and work is still going on to beautify this sacred place to be appropriate for the sacredness of our dead, resting in the hope of eternal life.

Address: Fanar – Main road deriving from Nahr El Mot – Near Najjar factory – Next to KPI company
Phone: +961 5 45 77 32