Monsignor Rafael Traboulsi, accompanied by Father Aram Kia, visited the villages and parishes of Mosul, the parish of St. Isaiah, the parish of St. Georges in Telkef, then the parish of St. Kyriakos in Batnaya and the monastery of St. Oraha, which dates to the fourth century. In Alqosh, the city of the patriarchs, Monsignor Raphael Traboulsi, accompanied by Monsignor Ghazwan Shahara and Father Aram Kia, visited the St. Mikha School – the fourth – fifth century – the shrine of the Prophet Nahum and the monastery of Rabban Hormizd (the highest monastery), which dates back to the seventh century, not to mention the monastery of The monastery of Our Lady of the Seeds (1880), where he met the friars fathers, in a retreat that lasted about an hour.

 On July 25, 2021, Monsignor Raphael Traboulsi visited the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Tal Kaif, St. Ethalaha Parish in Dohuk, the orphanage of Sainte Anne for the Chaldean nuns, the daughters of Mary, and the orphanage of St. Joseph for the Chaldean friars, before he celebrated the divine sacrifice at six in the evening in the St. Gorges cathedral in Alqosh.