Monsignor Raphael Traboulsi, Episcopal Vicar General in the Chaldean diocese of Beirut, continues to deliver the major annual retreat lectures at the Chaldean Patriarchal Seminary of St. Peter the Apostle in Erbil – Ankawa, entitled “The Priest Between Faithfulness to His Mission and Life’s Challenges”, in the presence of His Beatitude Patriarch St. Louis Raphael Sako The Blessed and Honorable Bishops, Bishop Ramzi Karmo, Michael Makdisi, Youssef Touma, Habib Al-Nawfali, Felix Al-Shabi, Michael Najib, Rabban Al-Qass, Basilios Yaldo and Robert Gerges, with the participation of about 75 priests from different Chaldean dioceses in Iraq. The spiritual day was divided into different stations, beginning with the morning prayer, the Divine Liturgy and the first lecture, then a group work and individual meditation before the second sermon is delivered in the afternoon, followed by the Chaldean prayer.