On Saturday 16/12/2023, The Primate of the Chaldean Church in Lebanon, Bishop Michel Kassarji, accompanied by Monsignor Raphael Traboulsi, Deacons Raphael koupaly, Dani Sheba and Nabil Riad, participated in the evening of Christmas hymns called by the Knights of Malta Foundation and in the presence of its President, Mr. Marwan Al-Sahnawi, in the parish of Saint Elias Kantari under the title: “Christmas Choir, Stars of Hope”

The choir was led by Father Khalil Rahmeh, priest of the Mariamite order, included students from the St. Thomas Chaldean Educational Center in the Baouchrieh. The church was filled with the audience of attendees coming from all parts of the capital to prepare for the birth of the Savior with melodies and songs.

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