On December 26th, 2021:

On behalf of Bishop Michel Kassarji, Primate of the Chaldean Church in Lebanon, Father Khaled Mikha celebrated Christmas mass with Iraqis family living in Zgharta. Quoting from the holy bible, Father Mikha added that the gospel calls for ‘peace for humankind’, while wishing that this peace reigns in our churches, families and in Lebanon as well as in Iraq including the whole world. At the end of the mass, Father Mikha expressed his gratitude to Father Youssef Barakat, Primate of Mar Maroun church, for his hospitality and all the spiritual services he is offering to Iraqis families.

After the mass, the Diocese distributed food rations to the families awarded by the Lady of the divine liturgy Chaldean center.  Mrs. Samira Kassarji, from the Lady of the divine liturgy Chaldean center, and a number of volunteers have accompanied the father at the mass.

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