On December 13th, 2021, the primate of the Chaldean church in Lebanon Bishop Michel Kassarji welcomed the youth committee of the Catholic patriarch and bishop council in Lebanon at 7:30pm in the diocese of Baabda Brasilia, in presence of Father Raphael Zgheib, Father Charbel Daccache, Father Sassine Shalouit, Father Jul Boutros, Father Raphael Traboulsi, Father Youssef Khaled, and the secular representatives of the catholic churches in particularly Mrs. Mira Kassarji, the representative of the Chaldean community.

As Mr. Roy Greig briefed his eminence on the committee’s activities. He also praised his eminence with an encouraging statement in which he assembled the importance of the spiritual life and the must of the complement of the purposeful activities between the churches specifiable in this hard time that Lebanon is going through.

In the end, a memorable picture was taken, and a graceful meal was shared at the diocese.

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