Under the patronage and presence of Bishop Michel Kassarji, Primate  of the Chaldean Church in Lebanon  the Chaldean Diocese of Beirut held a Christmas hymns evening in the parish of Saint Elias Dekwaneh led by Steven Hanouch with the participation of a group of musicians and singers. Under the title: “Come and Praise”. The ceremony was attended by Metropolitan George Saliba, Monsignor Raphael Traboulsi, Fathers Georges Bou Chaiaya and Fadi Iskandar, in addition to the first secretary of the Iraqi embassy in Lebanon, Mr. Raad Abdel-Hadi, In addition to the parish servant Father Youssef Khaled, Deacon Joseph Isho, and the Chaldean nuns Souad and Malak.

Before the event, Bishop Kassarji did an interview with journalist Leah Maamari, about the meanings of Christmas and the importance of Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Iraq.

The event was covered by “Iraqiya” and “Tele Lumiere”.